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Free Training Classes   

For immediate assistance:

Basic Training

Getting Started

  • Quick Overview of the entire system
  • Introduction to Navigation
  • Review all resources available
  • Discuss future enhancements

Building the Plan

  • Methods to create a client
  • Create the clients full current plan
  • How to add and edit Scenarios
  • Tips for working with Actions

Engaging the Client

  • Review 1-Page Financial Plan
  • Presenting with the Workshop
  • Comparing Scenarios
  • Using the Client Portal

Feature Help

Portfolio Assumptions

  • Overview of CAPM customization
  • Asset Classes & Portfolios
  • Risk Scoring concepts
  • Using Multiple sets of assumptions

Customize Theme

  • How to get your firms colors
  • Matching colors in PlantechHub
  • Using complimentary colors


  • Creating teams & inviting members
  • Controlling permissions & sub-teams
  • Transferring plans and licensing
  • Adding external team members

Redtail Integration

  • How PlantechHub Integration works
  • Linking with Redtail
  • Matching integrations to existing assets



Case Assistance

Pre-Meeting Case Review

  • Review of completed case
  • Scan for errors in input and strategy
  • Go over Presentation battle-plan

Problem Plan Help

  • Review of nearly completed case
  • Discuss any planning issues